Positioning a security distributor as a knowledge powerhouse

Branding & WordPress Thema voor Alphatronics

In short:

Creating and organizing an event where the latest security-solutions and trends are displayed.

It all started with an idea during my internship at the security distributor: Alphatronics. They struggled with being a lower-tier company, but excelled at bringing knowledge to their customers. So why not create an event to both increase the brand awareness and position the company as a knowledge factory. And thus, the Security Café was born. A yearly event that will be used by the security professionals to see the latest solutions, experience the latest security solutions and expanding their network of contacts.

I’ve divided the whole event in five phases. Where as phase one was the ideation, phase two creation, phase three implementation, phase 4 the event itself and phase 5 analyzing results.

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Step 1: Researching the idea

The part where I started researching event marketing itself and creating a strategy that’d fit the goals of this project. This was also the part where I started creating a brand identity with corresponding brand book that would, not only be used in the second phase but also the next editions to come.

Step 2: Creating the idea:

Sketch, Create, Ditch, Repeat. I’ve been creating numerous touchpoints that were used during our customer journeys and thus following our strategy. From websites to filming, to print. Anything. Even beer openers.

Step 3: Implementing the idea:

Let’s get ready to rumble. This was the part were people got triggered to order tickets for themselves. I’ve been analyzing the results and configured the strategy on parts of the customer journey where there was the most response. Prioritizing the products I’ve made.

I’ve also made the corresponding banners and goodies for the event itself during this phase, as there was no time before and the clock was ticking.

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Step 4: The idea itself

The moment of truth. Did we reach the goals? Would people show? Of course they did. Not only did they come, they thought it was a blast. People enjoying themselves, watching the latest security solutions, listening to the interesting talks from interesting people, eating the delicious food we’ve ordered.

Step 5: Analyzing what people thought of the idea

There was an option to fill in a small survey during and after the event to see if people actually were happy about this event. And they were. The average rating they’ve given was an 8.7! Eight-point-seven! This made this event to be one of best rated events in this line of work.