Nieuwe identiteit voor IT-monitoring software.

Branding voor PIM+

The logo:

We’ve been short briefed about the tool itself; the benefits, the quick and easy fixes, the personal approach to a digital IT tool (which are mainly bland). So we’ve summed up the keywords of the tool and began to think. Sketches, tons of sketches and more sketches result in a simple logo where almost all keywords fit in. PIM+ got a new face.

The concept:

PIM+ is a monitoring tool that maintains a healthy IT-infrastructure. Twenty-four-seven.
It checks all your systems if they’re up and running; while maintaining all in- and outputs. PIM+ alert’s you if there’s any trouble with any package. A quick and easy to use tool for every IT coordinator. A new market leader that’s growing fast.

In short: Unified Monitoring, Redefined.
Voila, the new baseline of PIM+.

We wanted to expand the identity as a fresh, new solution that was easy to adapt for the IT people. No difficulties. No stress. Just a simple face for a simple tool. Small line-icons. A plus-mark for positivity and expansion. Round shapes for the friendly UI.

The brand:

PIM+ was expanding. Even greater than to our means. For consistency we’ve added a small brandbook that the company could use to create their own sharable products without our help further needed. Both for our sakes and their. Within this brandbook are written rules about how to use the logo, the choice of fonts and the use of icons, photos, marks and many more. All to sustain the idea we’ve provided to give PIM+ the face it deserves.